There are many road trip accessories you might want to consider to have. These gadgets, like Enduristan saddlebags, handlebar risers, drybags, etc., can help you stay connected to the outside world. Some even charge your devices, while others are great for keeping the air in your vehicle fresh and smelling fresh. Car trips are usually cramped, and you never know when you might need to escape the car. You can also use a small emergency keychain to break the seatbelts or stainless steel.

To minimize the risk of spills and leaks, purchase a waterproof trash bin. This trash bin holds up to two gallons of road trip garbage and won’t leak. A big plus: it comes with an ample supply of baby wipes. For parents of young children, this is essential. When your kids get in sticky situations, it’s crucial to have a handy place to throw everything out. If you’re traveling with babies, you’ll also need to pack a large bag of baby wipes for emergencies.

Consider the needs of other travelers. If you’re traveling with kids, pack their favorite snacks and movies. If you’re going with teenagers, you might want to pack some fun games and sports drinks for them to play. You can also buy a portable fan for the car to keep the cabin air at an acceptable level. A portable air conditioner and a battery-operated radio in your car are also essential.

For the road trip itself, a road atlas is essential. While GPS bike mount units can be helpful, it is still best to use a paper road atlas. The road atlas is handy and can double as a backup for Google Maps. A physical road atlas can recharge your phone seven times!

Aside from the few mentioned above, there are more road trip essentials that you might want to have just in case you get to travel by land soon. Having these gadgets will help you have a fun, exciting and safe trip – and find new adventures!

If you want to learn more about the 5 must have car accessories on a road trip, you can read this infographic from Motorrad Garage and visit their website if you need help for your car and car accessories.