Do you need a lawyer for your LA car accident case?

It is no secret that drivers often don’t adhere to traffic rules in Los Angeles. No wonder, a huge number of serious and fatal car accidents are reported every year. Immediately after a crash, you may have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The medical bills and treatment costs for your injuries could pile up within days, and you may have to wait for weeks before getting back to work. California is a tort state. If the accident happened because of the other driver’s inaction, fault, or recklessness, they are liable for your losses. Now comes a big question – Should you consult one of the known car accident attorneys Los Angeles for your case? It is not legally mandatory to hire an attorney for your case, but here are some circumstances when you need a lawyer. 

Your action /fault 

Car accidents are rarely simple. If you had a role in causing the car accident, this could hugely impact what you get in a settlement. California is a claimant-friendly state that follows the pure comparative fault rule. You could sue the other driver even when you are more at fault, but your fault percentage will be a deciding factor for your final recovery. This is different from the modified comparative fault rule in many other states, where a party cannot sue the other if they are more at fault.

In short, if you are at fault or believe that you could have been responsible for the crash to an extent, consider lawyering up right away. The other party’s insurance company will use your fault to undermine your losses or deny your claim, and your attorney can negotiate better on your behalf. They can also shoot down unfair and bad faith insurance tactics. 

Severe injuries

If you sustained serious injuries in the car accident, such as disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or multiple fractures, you need to hire a lawyer. Your compensation should exceed the standard economic damages like immediate medical bills and lost wages in such circumstances. An attorney can put a dollar value on your claim and pursue the case accordingly. If needed, they can file a lawsuit and ensure that you don’t settle for less. 

Finally, you should hire a lawyer if too many parties or vehicles were involved in the accident. Such cases may require extensive investigation to determine fault and liability. A lawyer can help you find more about your car accident case.