Where can I sell my used car?

Are you ready to bid farewell to your trusty four-wheeled companion? Seeking the perfect avenue to part ways with your used car in the vast landscape of Australia? The journey to finding the ideal buyer can be both exciting and challenging. Worry not!

This guide is your compass in the world of selling used cars, navigating you through the various options available. From online platforms to local dealerships, we’ll unravel the straightforward steps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free selling experience. Get ready to embark on the adventure of selling your used car Down Under!

Online Platforms

Online platforms offer a convenient way to sell your used car without leaving the comfort of your home. Let’s explore three popular options:


  1. Gumtree is a widely recognized online marketplace where you can list your used car for sale.
  2. To create a listing on Gumtree, simply sign up for an account, provide details about your car, upload photos, and set a price.
  3. To attract more potential buyers on Gumtree, ensure to include clear photos, provide accurate descriptions, and regularly update your listing.


  1. Carsales is a specialised platform dedicated to buying and selling cars, making it a reliable choice for sellers.
  2. Setting up an account on Carsales is easy – just register, create a listing by entering your car’s details, and upload photos.
  3. Carsales offers features like vehicle history checks and seller verification, adding credibility to your listing and attracting serious buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

  1. Facebook Marketplace provides a simple and user-friendly platform for selling your used car directly to local buyers.
  2. To list your car on Facebook Marketplace, navigate to the “Marketplace” section, click “Sell Something,” add details and photos of your car, and set a price.
  3. Selling on Facebook Marketplace offers the advantage of connecting with buyers in your local area, facilitating quick communication and potential sales.

Dealerships & Car Buying Service

Selling your used car to a local dealership offers unmatched convenience. These dealerships provide a quick and hassle-free experience, sparing you the complexities of online selling. The process is straightforward, ensuring a swift transaction that lets you move on to your next adventure with ease.

Local Dealerships:

1. Convenience at Your Doorstep:

Local dealerships are right in your neighbourhood, making the selling process convenient. No need to navigate online platforms – just visit the dealership and discuss your car’s sale directly.

2. Quick Transactions, No Online Hassles:

One of the perks of dealing with local dealerships is the speed of transactions. Avoid the online waiting game, as dealers often have immediate interest and can offer a quick turnaround.

3. Factors to Consider:

When approaching local dealers, consider factors like the reputation of the dealership, customer reviews, and their willingness to negotiate. Also, have your car’s details and paperwork in order for a smoother deal.

Car Buying Services:

1. Direct Car Purchases Simplified:

Car buying services are companies like cash for cars Richmond that directly purchase used cars. This option eliminates the middleman, streamlining the process.

2. Contact and Quote Process:

Getting a quote from car buying services is straightforward. Reach out to them, provide details about your car, and they’ll offer a quote. The process is often done online or over the phone for your convenience.

3. Pros and Cons:

While car buying services offer convenience, be aware of potential trade-offs. Pros include a quick sale and minimal negotiation, but cons may include a lower offer compared to private sales. Evaluate your priorities before choosing this method.

In short, local dealerships bring the sale to your doorstep with quick and hassle-free transactions. On the other hand, car buying services offer a direct route, though with certain trade-offs. Choose the option that aligns with your preferences for a smooth and stress-free selling experience.

Tips for Selling Your Car

Selling your car? Let’s ensure you get the best deal with these simple tips:

Set a Realistic Price:

To nail the perfect price, start by checking what similar cars are going for. Look online, talk to friends, or check local dealerships. Consider your car’s age, mileage, and condition. Be fair and realistic to attract potential buyers.

Gather Necessary Documents:

Smooth transactions need paperwork in order. Make sure you have your car’s registration, service history, and any relevant receipts handy. Organise them neatly to speed up the process and build trust with the buyer.  Along with your paperwork, include a “Notice of Disposal.” It’s a legal document that notifies the authorities about the change in ownership, ensuring a trouble-free transition to the new owner.

Presenting Your Car:

First impressions matter! Give your car a good clean, inside and out. Take clear photos highlighting its best features. Be honest in your description, noting any wear and tear. Transparency builds trust and helps you find the right buyer.


In conclusion, selling your used car in Australia can be a straightforward process when choosing the right platform. Whether opting for online marketplaces like Gumtree and Carsales or considering local dealerships, each method has its merits. Remember to set a realistic price, gather necessary documents, and present your car effectively. By following these simple steps, you can navigate the selling process with ease and find the best option that suits your needs. Happy selling!