Best Fuel Treatment Choices You Need Now

The treatment ratio is the ratio of FFX to fuel. The higher the treatment ratio, the more fuel you need to use. The treatment ratio for FFX is between 1:5,000 and 1:10,000. This means that for every 5,000 or 10,000 parts of fuel you use, you will need one part of FFX. The higher the octane number, the more energy it takes to ignite the fuel. This is why high-octane fuels are used in high-performance engines. Heavy fuels will have a lower treat ratio compared to No. 2 diesel, ethanol, or 83-89 octane fuels because they have a lower octane rating.

  1. Is this going to void or affect my warranty?

Fuel Factor X is a revolutionary additive that will not void the warranty on fuel powered vehicles has insurance in place to cover any claims that might occur while using Fuel Factor X.

  1. How do I use Fuel Factor X?

The first few tanks of gas are the most important. You should double-dose your first 2-3 tanks and then use one dose per fill-up after that. This will help to ensure that your FFX treatment will have the maximal effect. If you are using a generator then you should double dose for the first 3-5 fill-ups. Each product (foil packs, or bottles) will come with FFX dosage guidelines that should be followed.

  1. If I want to lower emissions can I use FFX to do so?

For Fuel Treatment Fuel Factor X uses what is called “sandwich compounds” also called organometallic compounds. These compounds are known as burn rate modifiers and are used in fuels of all types. This compound is the active ingredient which helps to reduce emissions. This is a result of the reduced combustion ignition delay resulting from the organometallic compounds present in FFX. Other benefits of the sandwich compounds found in FFX include the removal of carbon build up. This reduction of carbon can help to increase engine life and fuel economy and is a large factor in the reduction of emissions resultant as a byproduct of treating your fuel with FFX.

  1. How does FFX assist with engine lubrication?

Low sulfur fuel and low lubrication are the two main factors that can cause engine failure. Low lubrication is caused by the lack of oil in the engine and a lack of sulfur in the fuel. The risks of these two factors are that they can cause engine failure, which will lead to a lot of money being wasted on repairs or even worse, a car accident. FFX contains high-performance lubricants which help to improve the performance and longevity of your engine. It is designed to provide maximum protection against wear and tear, while also reducing friction. For Best Fuel Treatment it works fine.

  1. Can I be sure that FFX will not damage my engine or other parts of my car?

FFX is a fuel-based additive that can be used to increase the octane rating of gasoline and other fuels. Fuel Factor X has been tested by and is in compliance with a number of standards associations including the ASTM, which is a global organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems, and services.