Flatbed vs. Traditional towing – which is better for your vehicle?

When you are involved in an accident with your vehicle, getting it towed to the repair shop becomes a necessity. Not all towing services are created equal. There are two main types of towing- flatbed and traditional towing service. Flatbed towing involves using a truck with a flat platform bed that is inclined to load and unload vehicles. When towing a vehicle from one place to another, trucks are used with hooks and chains to assist in pulling onto the truck.

Towing your vehicle on a flatbed is safer than towing it on a trailer. The flat platform bed ensures that your car remains level and secure during transportation, preventing any potential damage to the underside of your vehicle. This type of towing is ideal for vehicles with low ground clearance with advanced technology systems all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Flatbed towing eliminates the risk of damaging these components by lifting them off the ground entirely. This towing service is versatile.

Traditional towing

Traditional towing services have been around for decades still widely used today. These trucks use hooks and chains to lift the vehicle from one end onto its bed. While traditional tow trucks are cheaper than flatbed tow trucks in most cases. In the event of these trailers improperly, the undercarriage of a vehicle will suffer significant damage if the trailer is not lifted correctly to the design where two wheels remain on the road during transport. The stress caused by pulling a car along uneven roads could also lead to additional problems like transmission or engine issues down the line is something that you don’t want.

Which one should you choose?

Choosing between flatbed versus traditional towing ultimately depends.

  • If you have an expensive sports car or luxury sedan with low ground clearance or advanced technology features like all-wheel-drive (AWD), it’s best to go with flatbed towing service because it will prevent potential damages during transportation.
  • A flatbed tow truck may be more expensive, but if you’re looking for long-distance transport. It may be worth your while to make the change will probably incur fewer wear and tear issues with your vehicle and get better performance from it as well.
  • Traditional tow trucks may cost less compared to using a flatbed truck. Keep in mind that also causes damage to your vehicle parts end up costing you more in the long run.

When it comes to safety, there is no doubt that flatbed towing, compared to other towing methods, is the better option. It is because of its ability to lift and transport vehicles without risk of damage or accidents on uneven terrains or rough roads. If you want to ensure safe transportation for your vehicle with a minimal chance of damage towing service might be better suited for you. The distance and cost are factors to consider before deciding that a traditional tow truck would be a better alternative to traditional tow trucks. It is easier to control the movement of your vehicle when it is attached to a tow truck. Tow truck drivers are also experienced and know how to handle vehicles correctly. The policy also covers damage to the vehicle during transit, so you can be compensated if that occurs.