Guide To Register A Private Number Plate

If you are planning to get private registration for your car, you can get it from the DVLA or private dealers like CarReg.

Luckily, the process of registering a private number plate is straightforward. So even if it’s your first time, you should be able to accomplish it without facing complications. If you ever change your mind, you have the option to sell off your private number plate.

In this post, you will find all the details you need to know about registering a private number plate.

How to register a private number plate?

Registering a personal number plate is a three-step process.

  • At first, you need to select a private number of your choice.
  • Once you find the desired number plate, you need to assign it to a vehicle.
  • After all the steps are complete, the physical number plates are made.

When applying for private registration, there is certain documentation that you need to know about. This includes:

  • V750 certificate of entitlement
  • V778 retention document
  • An online reference number

You also need to be aware of the restrictions and criteria that are associated with registering a private number plate. For example, you cannot put a private plate on a ‘Q’ registered vehicle. You cannot use a private number on an older vehicle model to make it look new. You can’t assign a number plate that starts with ‘NIQ’ or ‘Q’.

When you are registering for a private number plate, it must be registered with the DVLA in the UK. This applies to all types of vehicles. The DVLA authorities will contact you for inspection if it is needed.

It is free to get private registration for your vehicle. You can either complete the registration by post or online.

If you are registering for a brand new vehicle, you can request the dealer to complete the registration on your behalf. However, if you are getting the registration for an old or used vehicle, you will have to wait for the DVLA to send you a new V5C to complete the process.

If you want to get your private number plate from a trusted dealer, you can rely on CarReg. They have been in this business for over 30 years and are trusted by thousands of customers.

Getting a new private registration for your car is easy if you know the right approach. Hopefully, you found the details you have been looking for.