How Do Armored Sedans Offer Protection?

Do you need protection from common and everyday threats such as theft, vandalism, and lawsuit damage? Do you want a top-quality vehicle that is both comfortable and safe for your family? What about a fully armored sedan from Troy Armoring

Armored sedans also make excellent family cars because they’re much safer to drive than most other vehicles on the road these days.  Of course, the main purpose behind buying an armored vehicle is to protect your loved ones in case of gun-toting criminals. Even though there’s no shortage of armored sedans available for purchase, you might be thinking about how these vehicles provide protection.

Here are different ways in which armored sedans offer protection.

  • Bulletproof windows and doors

Bulletproof windows and doors are arguably the most important features of an armored car. These features provide protection from shots coming from powerful handguns and rifles. You can find thick glass windows, ballistic glass, and Kevlar doors in armored vehicles. These features can withstand .50 caliber shots in most cases. Not only can these features protect you from bullets, but they can also keep the vehicle’s cabin temperature low as well, a useful feature for those who live in hot climates.

  • Ballistics and fire protection using metal and alloy

Armored vehicles use metal and alloys to protect drivers and passengers from bullets, knives, stones, and other types of threats. The exterior of most armored vehicles uses aluminum or steel to provide protection from ballistics. This material is lightweight yet it can withstand high impact if it gets hit by a stray bullet. The reinforced side panels on an armored car are made of tough metal that can stop bullets and other types of projectiles.

  • Reinforced frame to help it withstand even missile and grenade attacks

The reinforced frame of an armored car is the most critical component for bulletproofing the vehicle. Usually, the frame of armored sedans is made of extremely tough material to keep it from twisting and bending when bullets hit it. Steel and aluminum are some of the most popular materials that are used to create a reinforced frame.

  • Reinforced brake system

Brake failure is one of the most common breakdowns that you might encounter in a regular vehicle. However, it’s not something that you have to worry about in an armored car. The reinforced brake system can withstand any type of impact, including standing still after getting hit by a large vehicle.