Is There A Future For A Car Ownerless World? One Company’s Dream

Filled with attractions that span across the city, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist and business hubs in the world. But getting from one place to another can be troublesome if you don’t pick the right mode of transport for your needs. Taxis and ride-hailing services, a more popular medium in Dubai are quickly becoming expensive, especially for long-term visitors and residents that may be in a city for weeks or months at a time. Looking to book a taxi in Hull? Try Groves Taxi. 

If you are not planning on permanently moving to a new city, purchasing a vehicle may not be worth the wide variety of hassles such as deposits, monthly payments, maintenance costs, and reselling the vehicle once you no longer require it. Ride-hailing services, on the other hand, can often be unreliable and exceed your travel budget. One company is helping to eliminate these issues to facilitate a car-ownerless world. 

Renting a car can enable you to obtain all the benefits of owning a car without dealing with any of the hassles or inconveniences. ekar, an on-demand car rental solution aims to completely revolutionize the future landscape of car ownership. Their approach has the potential to help tourists as well as short-term and long-term residents take advantage of a valuable mobility solution without having to deal with any of the complexities of actually purchasing and maintaining a vehicle. 

Benefits Of Car Rental Over Ownership:

A Convenient Mobility Solution

If you are only planning on visiting the city for a short time such as a few weeks or even for just a few months, car ownership may not be ideal. Various expenses such as purchase costs, deposits, registration, insurance, and maintenance for a vehicle that you may ultimately have to resell within such a short period can be extremely impractical. 

ekar’s optimized car rental services can help you rent a vehicle that will be at your disposal at all times, providing you access to a convenient and effortless mobility solution.

Short-Term Commitment

Purchasing a car may not be suitable for all people, especially if the duration of your stay does not justify the amount of financial expenditure and effort required to do so. However, you may still want to avail the benefits of being able to explore and travel through a city in a car. 

Car rental services can help you avoid outright purchasing a car by allowing you to rent a vehicle on a short-term basis. This means you’ll still be able to enjoy the various luxuries of having a vehicle during your stay without having to commit to the responsibilities and monthly expenditure of owning your own car. 

Convenient Setup

Traditional car rental services typically require physical visits to undergo complex and time-consuming eligibility, verification, documentation, paperwork insurance, and processes. This can be stressful and time-consuming. 

The streamlined and tech-enabled car rental model by ekar can enable you to rent a car for short-term or long-term intervals through one centralized super application. You will be able to select, reserve, pay for, and access customer service for your rented vehicles through one comprehensive mobile application. Furthermore, for monthly rental vehicles, delivery of your preferred vehicle to your selected address typically only takes an average time of 3 hours. 

Different Vehicles For Different Requirements

Purchasing a vehicle means that you may be stuck with one vehicle for the entire duration of your stay. But you may have different vehicle preferences and requirements at different periods of your stay. You may require a larger car for a family adventure to the nearest tourist attraction or a smaller vehicle for a business trip across the city. 

A car rental service can allow you to rent different vehicles of varying sizes, models, pricing ranges, and much more depending on your requirements at that given time. This can help you avoid the hassles of purchasing and committing to one vehicle forever. 

ekar is currently pioneering a movement for a car ownerless future with their on-demand, car-rental services. With ekar, you will be able to avoid having to purchase a vehicle or utilize ride-sharing services for the duration of your visit. Now you can focus all your attention on your next adventure in Dubai.