When packing for a motorcycle trip, you want to ensure your Kriega drybag is designed to support the weight of your gear. You may find that traditional backpacks don’t stack up to the demands of motorcycle commuters. Non-motorcycle people make many with no consideration for motorcycle riders. That’s where a Kriega motorcycle bag comes into play. It’s not just any motorcycle bag – it’s designed to be used specifically for motorcycles.

The Kriega OS-18 has a semi-rigid SureGrip rubberized base, hook loops, and straps for attaching to the bike’s frame. This system allows you to forego a frame strap and utilize a Kriega loop system on passenger rails. In addition, Kriega bags are completely waterproof, meaning that your items will stay dry in rainy weather.

Plastic panniers are lightweight and aerodynamic, and lockable for security. However, they don’t extend as wide as aluminum hard luggage. Another popular motorcycle luggage option is the top box. Top boxes are an indispensable accessory from commuter bikes to touring motorcycles to round-the-world adventures. Whether you want to carry a small bag or a giant bike, you’ll find top boxes in the right place.

The way you pack your motorcycle bag will depend on the type of trip you’re planning. Consider the weather and the time of year. A cold weather trip will require a more bulky motorcycle kit, while a warm-weather journey will demand a lighter one. Food and water considerations can be essential when planning a wild camping trip. It would help if you didn’t use the same luggage for multiple trips, but you can reuse your hand luggage for some purposes.

Whether you’re on a long day trip or an extended overnight adventure, Kriegamotorcycle luggage rack will keep your gear secure. The KRIEGA OS-18 ADVENTURE PACK (OS-32) is an innovative solution for various riding needs. With 20 liters of storage, it can store your clothes and essential items.

If you want to learn more about how to pack for motorcycle trips with Kriega bags, you can read thisinfographic from Motorrad Garage.