Ram Models Lined Up for the Year 2023

Ram is a leading brand in the automobile industry that specializes in manufacturing private and commercial vehicles, like trucks and vans. To know in detail, what Ram has to announce for its 2023 model year models, we explored the entire 2023 Ram lineup in Michigan and found the following models worth buying.

2023 Ram 1500

If you want under your drive command one of those pickup trucks that comes with a massive towing capacity as well as extreme hauling capability, it would be none other than the 2023 model year edition of the Ram 1500 that gives you the freedom to choose from four efficient engine variants, i.e., 3.6l Pentastar V6 Engine With E-torque, 3.0l Eco-diesel V6 Engine, 5.7l Hemi V8 Engine With E-torque, Supercharged 6.2l Hemi V8 Engine that is designed for delivering impeccable performances. The 2023 model year edition of the Ram 1500 model series of pickup trucks is already making headlines with its maximum towing capacity of up to 12,750 pounds. Moreover, when aided with the optional 5.7L HEMI V8 engine with the special e-Torque feature, the 2023 Ram 1500 gets a multitude of strength to handle the off and on-site operations, ignoring the challenges of drive conditions.

2023 Ram Chassis Cab

Ram has recently released the 2023 Chassis Cab series of pickup trucks that come with the best of features loaded across the lineup. The 2023 Ram Chassis Cab stands as a powerhouse in its class that can boast its most impressive ratings for the massive Maximum Diesel Trailer Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight, and Serious Towing as well as Torque Numbers. The 2023 Ram 5500 trim of the Chassis Cab series has a heavy-hitting capacity announced a maximum towing capacity of 35,150 pounds, which sets the standard for its commercial cab class. The 2023 Ram Chassis Cab works at its best when equipped with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine which is an available power option in the current year lineup since it can show its maximum payload capacity of 12,550 pounds. On the other hand, with the 6.4L HEMI V8 engine, the 2023 Ram Chassis Cab models can score a Maximum diesel towing capacity of 35,150 pounds and a maximum gas payload capacity of 12,550 pounds.

2023 Ram ProMaster

The 2023 Ram ProMaster is meant to work harder wherever the nature of business needs it. Saying that the 2023 Ram ProMaster models will be able to provide its users a maximum payload capacity of 4,680-pound or more will not be an overstatement if you follow the specs issued by the automaker. Above that, the 2023 Ram ProMaster also has a record of having a maximum towing capacity of 6,910-pound. Coming to its performance levels, the 2023 Ram ProMaster leads its class in its massive 520 cubic feet of cargo space makes it an ideal commercial truck that can be used for transporting small vehicles, personal bulky items, business raw materials, bulky technology equipment, household, and factory up-fits.

To know more about the new Ram lineup for the year 2023, get in touch with your nearest Ram dealership today!