What you need to watch out when consider renting a luxury car in Bangkok

Renting a luxury car in Bangkok for sure has its charm and advantages but it has a handful of disadvantages as well. It all depends on person to person, their likes or dislikes and most importantly what suits them the most.

Without a doubt, leasing a vehicle in Bangkok isn’t generally so natural as other huge urban communities and quite a bit of that has to do with the traffic and the cost. That is the reason, assuming you’re considering leasing a vehicle in Bangkok on your next trip, the following are a couple of interesting points before you do just like a few other options.

Bangkok Traffic

Bangkok traffic is a portion of the most noticeably awful on the planet. Gridlocks start promptly toward the beginning of the day, break for two or three hours around 11 am, and afterward, get again at 1 pm and go through the remainder of the day.

Assuming you’re anticipating leasing a vehicle to use around Bangkok, do you truly need to spend quite a bit of your excursion sitting in rush hour gridlock that scarcely moves more than a mile consistently? Especially when the sky train and underground frameworks will take you to most Bangkok vacation spots rapidly, and boats and engine cycle cabs can take you to the rest.


There is an immense number of motorbikes in the city in Bangkok as vehicles, and they dash all through traffic just as press up the side of you when you’re simply creeping along. Add onto it that many are conveying oversize burdens or three travelers and the driver. People have witnessed motorbikes with five individuals on them. Driving a vehicle in a new city on jam-packed streets while attempting to stay away from a huge number of motorbikes can be something beyond somewhat overwhelming.

Parking and its additional cost

Parking a luxury car in Bangkok is a task in itself. Not just do you need to manage Bangkok’s awful traffic assuming you lease a vehicle, yet leaving can be troublesome and costly also. All things considered, in a city with more than 13 million individuals, it regularly seems like each Thai possesses a vehicle and they’re all attempting to leave theirs in a similar shopping center parking garage you are simultaneous. Concerning stopping in the city, it’s unimaginable in numerous regions of the city.

In addition, stopping isn’t consistently modest in a certain region of the city, assuming you can even track down it by any stretch of the imagination. A few shopping centers and general stores charge a strong expense after the main several hours, with paces of as much as 250 baht (nearly $8). When you consider you can travel all around the city on the sky prepare or underground at that cost, and a boat outing would be considerably less expensive, do you truly need to pay a day by day vehicle rental charge, the expense of gas, and a costly leaving expense?

Thai Street Signs

While the rush roads give some of the people already hectic anxiety and difficulty to drive so do the Thai street signs. They are mostly in Thai and English this doesn’t dependably make driving as simple as it sounds. That is because the English signs are interpreted straightforwardly from Thai yet not with a predictable spelling. At the point when you’re driving and you see a street sign spelled one way, then, at that point, a couple of hundred yards further up the road another sign spelled something else entirely, you’re not in every case sure assuming that is the street you ought to go on to, especially as their names are so outlandish sounding in any case.

Numerous people who have leased a vehicle in Bangkok have confronted trouble with the Thai road finishes paperwork, for example, they left it sitting at their inn, as managing Thai road signs was simply excessively confounding.

While leasing a vehicle in Bangkok might seem like a smart thought, it’s seldom something that will cause you a ton of stress and bother especially if you don’t know about the city’s streets, traffic, and road signs.

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