2023 Hyundai Elantra N – The Car for All Purposes 

Looking to buy a car that will provide everything- from every day commuting to sporty vibes and more? 

You need to check out the 2023 Hyundai Elantra N. It is a car that allows an owner to have fun when driving and still fulfill other requirements. To understand why this is a car for all purposes, you need to study its specifications. Hence, take a look at this car in detail to understand why it should be your next purchase when visiting Mount Laurel Hyundai dealer


This is a car that offers a sporty vibe. Thus, the engine has to offer something perky. This automobile is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged 2L engine. With its speed boost function, this car can offer 286 horses; Hyundai calls it “N Grin Shift”. In just 5.1 seconds this car can reach from zero to sixty mph. Also, to make gear-changing operation easier, this engine is mated with an automatic 8-speed transmission; however, the standard option is a manual 6-speed. 

Sonorous exhaust, great handling, sharp throttle, etc. are just some of the traits of this vehicle. Also, it offers a compliant ride because of its longer wheelbase. Also, this car gives a remarkable mileage of 22 mpg in cities and 31 mpg on highways; however, the automatic one drops down to 20 mpg in cities and 30 mpg on highways. 

Such a great powertrain is the reason that people can use it for various activities. It can be used for regular commuting to work or simply going on a weekend trip, vacation, etc. As mentioned earlier, it is a great car for all purposes. 

Interior design 

To match its exterior and powertrain, the interior gives a completely sporty feeling to drivers. It is completely restyled to ensure that it looks different from the regular Elantra. Sports seats with more aggressive bolstering, N badges stitched in contrast colors, pedals with metal accents, and more ensure that it communicates the right message to the people. 

Also, its rear passenger seat is quite generous as it allows even tall and broad-structured people to sit comfortably in this vehicle. In addition, it offers a large trunk space that makes it ideal for weekend trips, a weekly visit to a supermarket, or any other activity that requires hauling cargo. 

The interior space and design showcase its ability to be a vehicle for all [purposes. Hence, all one needs to decide, which purpose or activity he/she wants to use this car for. Know more by visiting Mount Laurel Hyundai dealership.

Price of this automobile 

The Elantra N has just one version and it costs $34,015. Such a vehicle at such a price is unbelievable for most. Hence, one should immediately get it. 

If you are looking to get a new car, then this is one Hyundai vehicle that you ought to think about. It is a great car to use for all purposes and enjoy the sporty driving essence without having to spend $100k for a sports car. So, hurry and get this car!