Why Are Turbo Paint Systems Better Than Compressed Air?

Big paint jobs require the proper tools to ensure that the final results meet your standards. Aside from finding the right quality of paint, you need to make sure you have a spray gun that is also top-of-the-line. There are many types on the market. For the most precise work that provides little overspray, Apollo Sprayers’ HVLP paint sprayer guns are usually the way to go. But once you choose that type of gun, there is still another thing to take into consideration- the system it runs on.

The two most prevalent choices are turbine and air compressor units. You might think they can be used interchangeably, but that is different. There are plenty of disadvantages to using the latter, and you must be aware of these issues to prevent disaster.

Fortunately, Apollo Sprayers knows the importance of a job well done and provides self-contained turbo units through their Maxi-Miser brand. As you read, you will see what makes them the clear choice.


Depending on the reason you need a paint sprayer, you might need to move your system among various locations at times. This is especially true if you are someone who paints cars for people. You will require a system that you can carry around without a problem.

In order for compressors to work, air compressor systems need motors in their machines, which makes them large and heavy. On the other hand, turbine units are compact. Their smaller size can also make them less expensive to purchase.


“Overspray” refers to any paint misted onto locations that were not meant to be painted. This can be both damaging and annoying to have to clean up. It also leads to overall paint waste. In a compressor-based unit, the pressurized air that atomizes the paint is not easy to control, which can cause you to release more paint than you want to.

When you choose a turbo system, especially one that comes from Apollo Sprayers, you can expect much less overspray. Because of this, their systems are guaranteed to save you almost 40% on paint usage compared to traditional machines. The turbine makes for a finer mist, leading to the paint landing in a smaller area of space.


One big issue that can come from paint sprayers is the fumes that they can lead to. When inhaled, this can lead to chronic health issues. Because of their risk of overspraying, compressed air machines are more likely to cause this trouble than turbine devices.

Along with this, there is also a difference in their impact on the environment. Air compressor paint systems rely on outside power sources to run, like gas or electricity. This combustible exhaust releases pollutants into the air. The turbine system eliminates this as it merely uses the inner turbine to operate. Not only is this safer, but it makes them better to use indoors.

Getting the Right Turbine Paint Sprayer

With all of this in mind, a turbine-operated system is a clear winner. But what brand should you trust? Thankfully, that decision is easy to make as well- Apollo Sprayers. As a leader in the paint sprayer game since its founding over 50 years ago, they have continued to transform its products to use the best technology possible.

To extend the advantages of their units, you are guaranteed a transfer rate of at least 80% on your paint jobs. This is more than any of their competitors. Even better, they have devices that are specific to different needs because not all two jobs are one-size-fits-all. Under their Maxi-Miser brand, you can get turbine systems for car painting, spotting, or even collision repair!

Paint jobs require a lot more thought than just choosing the color you want to use. It would help if you thought about the equipment, too. As you can see, when you want the job done with ease and safety, a turbo unit is your best bet, and Apollo Sprayers has a device for everyone.