All About Hero Maestro Edge Colors and Features

Before anything about the Hero Maestro Edge, you should be excited about Hero Maestro Edge Colors. The Hero Maestro Edge is run by an air-cooled engine, which gives it power. It has a 5-litre fuel tank and comes in two kinds of variants. It has one cylinder with 8.15PS at 7250rpm max power and 8.7Nm at 5750rpm. It also comes with a disc-like front brake and a drum rear brake, all controlled by an integrated braking system. Its trip meter and odometer are both digital, but its speedometer is analogue. The gear box operates in a variomatic drive with a single seat, passenger footrest, under seat storage as well as an aesthetic body graphics.

Hero Maestro Edge Bike Dimensions and Capacity

Its width is 715mm, its height is 1188mm, and it has a length of 1843mm with 155mm of ground clearance, a 1261mm wheelbase, and a load carrying capacity of 130kg. Even more fun, it comes with an automatic transmission and a maintenance-free battery type. Its battery capacity is 12 V/4 Ah. Regarding the underpinnings of the motorcycle, the front suspension is equipped with a telescopic hydraulic shock absorber while the rear suspension swings with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper. It has a tubeless tyre with alloy wheels of 304.8 mm at the front and 254 mm at the rear. The hero maestro edge colors are very unique, and this is an exceptional quality about these bikes. For the electrical aspect of the hero maestro bike, all tail lights and turn signal lamps are LED, while the headlights are made with halogen bulbs.

Info about colors

The Hero Maestro Edge colors are uniquely different. These are Seal Silver ZX, Scarlet Red, Pearl Fadeless White, Panther Black, Techno Blue, Candy Blazing Red, Midnight Blue ZX, Prismatic Yellow, and Prismatic Purple.

Some questions and answers to help you

Question 1. What should I do when my maestro bike lock’s key gets missing?

With this, it would be best to contact any service center available in your locality. Since they are in the right position to help you access a new lock set for your motor bike, you can also be assisted in getting a duplicate key. Per adventure, it happens again. If you are not sure where to locate any of the service centers, you can easily search online. By turning on your phone’s location signal, you can easily find the nearest service centers to reach out to.

Question 2: What should I do if I notice exhaust smoke coming from my Hero Maestro Edge Colors motorcycle?

You must locate a credible service center either close to you or a long way away. This will all depend on your preferences and other recommendations. These service centers thoroughly examine your hero maestro edge colors motorcycle. Fortunately, you can also call ahead to book an appointment.

Question 3: Where is the charging port located on the Hero Maestro Edge bike?

The mobile charging port can be found well fixed inside the storage space under the seat. There are other remarkable features of the Hero Mádio Edge bike. Some include a side stand engine cut off, a unique combination lock, winkers, live location tracking, speed alert, driving score, and trip alert.


Most experienced riders love hero maestro edge colors and also the specifications of the bike. However, the value of its mileage is not taken out. Good motor bike mileage proves good motor bike performance. The hero maestro edge motor city’s mileage is 65kmpl and highway mileage is 58.88 kmpl.