How to choose the best RC vehicle

It can be difficult to determine which remote-operated vehicle is best for you. There are several distinct makers and forms of cars, trucks, and buggies that it can appear incredibly difficult to find the best goods for your application. Whereas we can’t narrow the list down to one vehicle for you without a one-on-one, face-to-face visit to our retail outlet, this guide can help you weed out the ones that aren’t a good fit.

You’ve by now decided on the type of RC vehicle you’ll use to embark on future experiences, and it just so occurs to be a rock scraping. Rock crawlers are an intriguing form of RC vehicle because each obstacle presents a tough opportunity. Unlike all other vehicles, they can only travel through grass or on flat surfaces like concrete. But, to get the most out of rock crawlers, you must consider a few game-changing factors.


If you are just starting with RC vehicles, you will undoubtedly enlist an electric RC car rock crawler. Why? For starters, they will have a lower impact on your spending plan and are highly configurable. Electric models are silent but have less strength (this will not imply less speed. There are also waterproof models. However, because their batteries seem to drain quickly, ensure you have some extra batteries on hand if you intend to drive it for long durations.


Size does matter when it comes to rock crawlers, as various sizes will provide the user with extra features. For instance, a 1/10 scale rock crawler can be used by anyone as it can be used indoors and outdoors and has four-wheel steering. It is the most reasonably priced rock crawler size. Because they are quite big, given the fact that they come with twin engines that allow them to try to climb larger rocks, larger 1/8 have an age restriction stating that they can be used only by someone 14 or older.

RTR vs Kits

Most of you will opt for an RTR (Ready-to-run) unit, which is fine if you are restless and need to start immediately. However, construction kits are the way to go if you need true RC expertise. You will save time erecting the RC car rock crawler with the former, but you will pay more. You will stop spending money on the latter but invest extra time amassing the vehicle. It is a matter of personal taste.

Gas / Nitro

These rock crawlers are much more potent than hybrid vehicles and can operate for extended periods. They use chemically treated fuel, but this does not prevent the vehicle from smoking slightly, so please consider the area where you’ve been using one. Except for electric vehicles, it will take a little time and get used to driving them because they are quicker and thus harder to control.


Traxxas vehicles are extremely fast, sturdy, and of excellent quality. These cars and rock crawler monster truck, moreover, begin at around $300 and often do not provide a battery pack and charger.


Surpass cars are the least expensive of all, but they often need spare parts and a high level of service.


HPI cars are not very common because they are as costly as Traxxas but of lesser quality. There isn’t much to say regarding them other than that, from what is read, they have high-quality parts that won’t need to be replaced frequently.


Tamiya is a well-known RC car manufacturer. They’ve been producing high-quality vehicles for over 30 years. I have a Grasshopper from around 1984, and it’s quite nice. Driving it offroad for a year and have never broken a part on it. They start at around $200, but due to the traditional Low-Tech design features, they are considerably slower than other brand names at that price.