How to Clean a Carbon Fiber Body Set?

Taking care of a carbon fiber body kit is similar to the usual car cleaning. Still, some standard steps are called for to clean up a carbon fiber kit carefully, as well as professionally.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is produced utilizing carbon atoms which are adhered, as well as weaving, together with various other materials. This weaving process produces a material that is strong but lightweight, thus, making it the ideal option for car body packages.

Like any other vehicle body kit, a carbon fiber package is clear-coated, which assists to secure its finish.

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Wash as well as Dry

Luckily, a carbon fiber body package can be washed, as well as dried out as you would a regular vehicle.

Utilize the appropriate hair shampoo, ideally a wax-based one, as well as a soft rag, or sponge, to prevent scratching. Choose a vehicle shampoo, which is specifically developed to protect vehicle coating.

Cleaning up representatives not created with a vehicle in mind may have chemicals that are able to potentially break the clear coating, as well as paint task on your vehicle.

After cleaning, thoroughly completely dry the vehicle with a chamois or dry out the towel.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is a crafted resin mix that can be found in the type of soft bar, as well as is utilized to eliminate pollutants from your vehicle.

There are compounds on the outside of a vehicle, as well as a body package, that the nude eye can’t see. Utilizing the clay bar to delicately massage away these impurities provides a car a cleaning that’s far over a basic vehicle clean.

Clay preventing is done by just massaging the bar throughout the body set, as well as just needs to be done 3-4 times a year.


A brightening wheel, which is electric equipment utilized for polishing, can be utilized for this process. Or, you might utilize a polishing spray created for a car, as well as its finishes.

If utilizing the wheel, have the sprucing up done by a professional or get properly trained in how to do it on your own. Utilizing a polishing wheel inaccurately can cause damage to the vehicle body set.

There are some fantastic polishing sprays on the market that work well. Always utilize soft products as you rub the gloss, so you can prevent producing scratches, as well as coatings, that are maintained undamaged.


The last step in maintaining your vehicle body set looking factory-new is to wax.

Spray wax is convenient, as well as easy to use. Never wax quickly or the job will not be done as it needs to be. Waxing takes time to attain optimal results.

Utilizing a soft towel, spray small areas at a time, clean, as well as rub the wax in round activities until it’s completely dry, and no longer noticeable.

The cloth needs to be revolved as it’s utilized, so the drier side is the one rubbing the wax.